Who Are We?

Colliers TechConnect is dedicated to bringing the world of technology to commercial real estate professionals by leveraging web-based tools, cloud technologies and good old-fashioned customer service in a manner that makes everyone’s lives a little better.

We are your single source to connect your teams and assets with the best technologies in the market. We provide breadth, depth and reach of offerings with the commitment of being the easiest team to work with along the way. In short, you get the best prices for the best options and a TechConnect team that only wins when you win.

What Do We Do?

Colliers is your team for providing the optimal telephone and internet services. Our professionals maintain established relationships with every major network and telecommunications carrier in North America. These relationships result in preferential rates and service packages that can be passed on to you. We have the unique ability to pull every possible option available at your specific geographic site and negotiate the very best deals.

Our fees are paid by the companies you select. Much like tenant rep real estate brokers are paid by landlords, our compensation is provided by the carriers. You receive our expertise for free and enjoy the best rates and services. AND, once you benefit from our carrier relationships, you have access to our relationship managers and VIP treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The carriers invest a lot of time in partners like us. By taking care of one partner, they can take care of the needs of hundreds of customers at once. This allows the carrier to more efficiently serve their customer base. Those efficiencies save the carrier money and they pass the savings down to you through programs that only we can offer.

We make a small referral fee from the carriers.

Colliers TechConnect acts as an agent as your select your desired services. The companies and carriers you choose will ultimately be your vendor.

You can call your carrier and you can call us. We’ve got a special channel of executive communication within each carrier’s organization that allows us to assist you with resolving service issues. By calling Colliers TechConnect you skip the line to get the carrier’s attention.

Quick Contact

Call us today at (800) 451-7976, or enter your information below and our service specialist will contact you as soon as we receive your request.